SouthEastern Utah OHV Club
September 2007 News
    The August 11 road trip to Hoover's rest area, where we were joined by our guide, Fish Lake Forest Paiute Trail Supervisor Max Reed, was great. The day was beautiful and warm, and 30 riders turned out to ride. This portion of the Paiute Trail goes up Deer Creek Canyon to the main trail. We rode to Kimberly, the Silver King Mine, and up to the top of the mountain to see rocky mountain goats. The group saw about 130 of the beautiful white animals. During lunch, a flock of turkeys walked in front of us for all to see while we were eating. Just like dinner and a show. It was a little dusty, but anyone who rides knows to go prepared for any eventuality.
September Ride
    The September club ride will be the Arapeen ATV Jamboree, along with the Millsite to Green River Ride on Sept. 29. This is a State Parks sponsored ride which will allow participants to golf the front nine at Millsite on September 28, ride their OHV's to Green River on September 29, and golf the back nine there on September 30. Vehicles will be transported by the Emery County Sheriff's Posse. The charge for the ride and vehicle transport is $80. The golf is $30. It should be a great time with Emery County providing watermelon and cold water at the halfway point. They will also transport extra gas for those who might need it for the 100 mile ride. Come out and support the SEUOHVCLub by attending and volunteering to help with these rides. Call any board member for information.
    Mark H. Williams announced at the recent board meeting that the Travel Council and the State Parks are teaming up to publish a new map of the San Rafael and Arapeen trail system. This map is scheduled to be out Spring 2008. A detailed map will be on one side, and on the other side will be a complete listing of all the amenities in the entire area. Gas stations, restaurants, and motels will be listed with the events and things to see in that town. Another great feature will be GPS coordinates for sights to see.
School Trust Lands
    Mark H. Williams announced that Emery County has completed the paper work to be submitted to the School Trust Lands to be granted a right of way for the poker run trail. The paperwork has been submitted and a decision will soon be made.
Safety Classes for Kids
    Mark H. Williams will hold a safety class, making children ages 8-15 legal to ride OHV's on public lands, in September. For more information call 435-381-2493.
September Meeting
    The meeting for September will be held on September 12 at 7:00 P.M. It will be held in the small conference room on the second floor of the Courthouse in Castle Dale. Refreshments will be served.