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SEUOHV Club Meeting October 17, 2001 at 7 p.m. County Courthouse in Castle Dale
Christmas Party and Ride December 8, 2001 Location to be announced


SEUOHV Club Ride September 22
Public Lands Day September 29
Arapeen Trail Ride with Forest Service October 4

Presidents Message

    The meeting on October 17 is a very important one for the Club. Due to the increased responsibilities with such a large club and everything else involved, it has become necessary to re-structure the leadership. There was a meeting with several lead members last week and it was decided to offer to the general club members an alternative to the present form of leadership such as a board of directors. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND! There will also be refreshments and door prizes.
    The Forest Service sponsored trail ride on October 4th included representatives from the SEUOHV Club, the Ferron Irrigation Company, the Cattleman's Association, the Millsite Sedimentation Project Committee, Forest Service and others there by invitation. The ride was 58 miles in the Ferron Creek Drainage to look mainly at the sedimentation problems caused by erosion. The Club riders gave them some "Wish list trails" and talked about some of the things we could do. Our trails need a lot of work with water bars and other maintenance.
    We received the Bureau of Land Management 2000 staff reports on the 4 routes that have been left open in the Sid's Mountain Wilderness Study Area. The reports are quite an eye-opener. There are some things the Club can do to improve the areas of concern so that the BLM staff reports will be more positive. Don Keele had some copies made so they will be available for those that would like to go over them. We have applied for the staff reports for 2001 and should have them in the near future.

See You October 17th at 7:00 P.M.