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Presidents Message

    I had a neat ride last Saturday with some club members. It was on the Hole Trail that was just recently opened up for ATV use, thanks to Don Keele and the State Parks and Recreation trail cat and some great helpers (Bonnie Keele, Paul Conover, Reggie Dale and Lee Swasey). They put a lot of time in for the good of others. Motorcycles have been using it. Besides some great scenery, the geology is something to see.


    On Highway 10 south of Ferron turn right or north at the South Moore turn-off. Travel about 4 miles on gravel road until you see the Hole Trail sign. Park 300 yards past the sign on public ground. The Hole Trail will have a seasonal closure for deer winter range on November 30th so you'll need to ride it soon.
    Another important matter that needs to be mentioned at this time is the changing of the leadership mode of our Club. Because of the growth of membership and all of the other issues (political and otherwise) that have taken place since its start, it has become necessary to have more assistance with the various responsibilities. I have truly appreciated the support that I have received from all of you. The changes will not affect the mission of the club, in fact we will be able to accomplish more of our goals. It is important to me for this work and fun to continue. When I had the desire to organize this club a few years ago, it was with the idea of forming a group that could ride together, work together and be able to be a big influence on the rights of the OHV community. We have made some big steps and will continue to do so. Thanks again to all of you.

Club Meeting Report

    A Club meeting was held on October 17, 2001 with 30 members present. The first item of business discussed was the Christmas party to be held on December 8th at the new Recreation Center in Castle Dale by the rodeo grounds. There will also be a ride that day beginning at 8:30. Like last year, the ride will last until almost time for the party which will be held again in the afternoon so all that come in from out of town can get home at a decent hour. We will have a dinner and music provided by the Jones Brothers so that we can dance also. Our dinners have been successful because of the nice potluck dishes, provided by all those that attend, to go along with the turkey furnished by the Club.
    It was announced that Tom Roush and Joe Fielder have been appointed to serve on the Emery County Public Lands Council Board. They will both be very good representatives of the outdoor recreationists.
    The changes in Club leadership were discussed. The motion was made and seconded to have a seven-member board. Included in this mailing to all member families that are current with their dues is a ballot to choose names of those that you and your family feel will do the best job for the Club. Make your choices and mail it back as soon as possible. Again, there will be one ballot per member family.

In My Opinion

By Bonnie P. Keele
    When the SEUOHV Club was conceived, the idea was to have people to ride with. Since it's inception the political climate has changed. The "Unholy Trinity (Clinton, Gore, Babbit) started pushing their radical agenda and we now have monuments, closures and 'conditional' open routes; "roadless" areas that aren't roadless and , wonder of wonders, a baby first step in a trail system on the Manti Forest.
    So, the mission of this club and all other such organizations is more than having fun. Trails must be laid out, fought for, marked and maintained. We need people who have ways of accessing information so we know what government agency or group is trying to shaft us, who is running the "hate OHV's" campaigns and then we must do something to counteract these attitudes. The club is the vehicle to get this information to members.
    We have been told by the Forest Supervisor that the fate of the Arapeen Trail System and other roads on the forest depends on money to maintain them and a willingness of the OHV community to help in this effort.
    No more splashing through streams, now it's bridges and culverts someone must help put in. Members unable to do this type of volunteerism (and all of us) can write letters to the people in power, make phone calls - become involved. That is the bottom line.
    Our mission now is doing everything we can to maintain motorized (ATV, motorcycle, Jeep) access to public lands. Keeping them multiple use and educating people so the majority are not locked out because of a few.


Next Club Meeting:

November 14th at 7:00 P.M.