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SouthEastern Utah O.H.V. Club



November 7: Election Day "Don't forget to vote!"

November 14: SEUOHV Club Meeting. Castle Dale Courthouse 7 p.m. Open to the public.

November 18: 2nd. Annual Toy Run Riders for Santa. Line up at Stewart's in Castle Dale at noon.

December 9: Club Ride. Meet in Ferron at 9 a.m.

December 9: Christmas Party. Senior Citizens Center in Castle Dale at 3 p.m.

SEUOHVClub Families Christmas Ride and Party

Saturday, December 9, 2000

Weather permitting, we will meet in Ferron at the park (near Gilly's) and be ready to ride through Short Canyon and some other spots. Bring your lunch. Afterwards, we will meet at the Castle Dale Senior Citizens Center at 85 North 200 East at 3:00 P.M. If the weather is bad, we will just meet at the Senior Center earlier in the day. We will visit and mingle and plan on having an early dinner so those from out of town can be home at a decent hour. As in the past, the Club willmfurnish the meat and dishes and our families will bring a generous pot luck. Also, there will be tickets for sale for the drawing for prizes. You must RSVP as soon as possible so that we can plan. Call 435/381-2493 (Mark and Terry Williams) or 435/384-2264 (Bert and Mary Lue Bently) to respond and let us know what you'd like to bring to contribute to the meal.


October 10: Club Meeting. Brief report follows:

The first item of business was a report on the trail counters by Lee Swasey. Tom Gnojek of the Bureau of Land Management has checked out the washes in the desert and says they are all right. He says it looks like the fence may have been moved near the sand dunes. More carsonites will be placed near Slipper Arch and a fence is needed in Cow Canyon at Lone Goat. Word has it that our club has had a good impact in the recent SUWA lawsuit. The Reeder Canyon Bridge project is completed and the plaque denoting the facts has been ordered to place upon it. Margaret Swasey reported on the success of the National Public Lands Day Project The annual Christmas Party was discussed and also plans for a Club ride on that day. It will be held on a weekend so more can attend.


In order to ride an OHV on public land in the State of Utah you must be at least 8 years of age and have a properly registered machine. If you are between the ages of 8 and 16 years of age you must first complete an OHV Safety Training Course offered by the State of Utah. To get signed up for a class you must call the Utah State Parks and Recreation @ 1-800-OHV-Ride (648-7433).

Points to Remember:

Please stay on the trail at all times.

If you pack it in, please pack it out.

Don't harass wildlife or livestock.

Use proper trail etiquette and yield right of way to other users. (Motorized yields to ALL others. Non-Motorized yield to horses and hikers.)

Always yield to trail users who are traveling uphill.

Help keep your multiple use lands open for all to enjoy by getting involved.

TREAD LIGHTLY and remember: When YOU abuse, WE ALL lose.

All off-highway vehicle users should be aware of the many threats against our rights and privileges to ride on public lands. Perhaps you are wondering what YOU can do to help protect your rights? It boils down to three simple things that WE must all do if we are to protect our access to public lands:

1. JOIN: Join a local club and get involved with issues in your "own backyard". Join state level organizations such as USA-ALL, UTMA and URWDA. Join national level organizations such as BRC, UFWDA and AMA.

2. PARTICIPATE: Now that your are a member it is not good enough to just be a number. Volunteer your time and enthusiasm to the groups that you have joined. Introduce yourself to the local land managers at the BLM and Forest Service. Ask to be added to their mailing list and stay informed as to what decisions are being made that you could help influence. Show that that you care and that you are willing to help them make wise-use decisions.

3. DONATE: Now that you are an ACTIVE member of clubs and organizations it is up to YOU to help fund the fight. You already have thousands of dollars invested in machines, equipment, apparel and accessories, so it's time to invest some money into the most important part of the whole equation....ROADS, TRAILS AND LAND to ride on. Without funding from individuals and clubs the organizations cannot fight this expensive battle. So each one of us must budget as much as possible to fund the battle. How much is it worth to you to insure that your children will be able to access the public lands?

Riders For Santa

2nd. Annual Toy Run

Motorcycles, 4-Wheelers, Vintage Cars, and Trucks Welcome

When? Sat. Nov. 18

Where? Stewart's in Castle Dale

Line up: Noon to 1:00 pm free coffee

Parade starts at 1:00 and will go to Orangeville Park

Free BBQ beef to ride participants!

Bring new toys or stuffed animals

T-Shirts, Run pins, & 50/50 prizes

Questions or Donations:(435) 286-2212 Ask for Kat