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May 2000 Newsletter
Meeting Announcement
Date: Tuesday, May 9, 2000
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Castle Dale - Court House

Welcome and Introductions
Club Business
Membership Report
Financial Report
Forest Service Representative on improvements/revitalization of motorized routes in the Manti National Forest
Club Ride Planning; If you have any ideas, contact Mark H.

Thank You SEUOHV Club

     Dick Manis - BLM District manager has ask Mark Williams to convey his appreciation to SEUOHV club members who have done volunteer work on approved OHV routes in and around WSAS. The club's trail marking, fencing, and reclamation efforts play an important part in keeping the Devil's Racetrack and other routes through the desert open and accessible. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
  We need to continue to document our good works. Our future access to public lands will, to some extent, rely on the image we portray to the general pubic and land managing agencies.
  Contact Wade Allison (435) 384-2711 to report volunteer hours on National Forest and BLM projects. Wade will maintain a record and keep these agencies informed of our efforts.

G.P.S. Accuracy Just Got Better
Much Better

   On May 2, 2000 the United States Government stopped the "degradation' of Global Positioning System satellite signals. This means that civilian and commercial users of the GPS technology will now have data that is accurate to within 5 yards. That is a whole lot of an improvement; civilian data was only accurate to within 50 yards.
   As illustration consider a football stadium. With the "degraded" signal you only knew if you were on the field or in the stands at that football stadium; with the improved signal you will know which yard marker you are standing on.

source: National Geodetic Survey

Wanted: email addresses

  Our current membership records do not include email addresses. Email can help the club communicate with those who have access. Please email Mark H. Williams (alkali@etv.net).