SouthEastern Utah OHV Club News
March, 2004

Recent Happenings

    Huntington City is the latest in a string of our Emery County towns that have adopted an ATV Ordinance with streets open for ATV access. Thank you Huntington. Emery County is still working on their ordinance.

Legislature News

House Bill 0051 (Passed)
    1. Increases maximum registration fee to $17
    2. Designates $1.50 of each registration and nonresident permit to go to SITLA for management of OHV activities on Trust Lands
    3. Requires driver's license or safety certificate of nonresidents, and allows DPR to recognize other training as sufficient
    4. Allocates fines associated with OHV violations to Division of Parks and Recreation
    5. Requires safety instructors to be free of convictions for sexual or violent crimes against a minor
    6. Makes technical corrections
Senate Bill 166 (Passed)
    1. Requires all OHVs to display an identifying number visible from 50 feet
    2. Authorizes the Board to set parameters for display
    3. Grants Counties authority to require adult supervision
    4. Changes "stickers" to "sticker"
House Bill (Failed)
    1. Would have established uniform, age based, fees for OHVs, boats, etc. in lieu of taxes

Coming Events

    March 27th is our 5th annual "SWELL CURE FOR CABIN FEVER" poker ride. Everyone is invited to come and participate and enjoy this fantastic event. Tom Brereton has done a wonderful job pulling everything together for you to have a great time. We have had calls from all over with people planning to come again this year and some new ones. If you have any questions, please call me at 435-361- 2493. .

    September 6-10th is our 2nd annual "ARAPEEN ATV JAMBOREE" and plans are going full steam ahead on that. We already have some registrants and are looking forward to a huge success this year, Plan to come and enjoy this event. Once again, call me at 435-381-2493 if you have any questions.