SouthEastern Utah OHV Club
June 2009
June Membership Meeting
    Our June membership meeting will be on June 3rd at the old Courthouse. We will meet at 7:00 P.M. upstairs.
June Club Ride
    The ride for June will be on June 13th and we will be going to Behind the Reef. The meeting place will be at Tan Seeps at 9:00 A.M. Take exit 131 off of I-70, go south 8.2 miles. If you need more detail or have questions call Glenys at 435-286-2258.
May Club Ride
    Our May ride was held on May 16, we met 17 miles south of Hanksville. Thanks to the "Rudd Family Reunion" for scoping out a great staging area.We took off at 9:30, headed into Poison Spring Canyon. The day was beautiful and so was the scenery. We didn't have a guide, just some GPS waypoints provided by Alan Petersen and Wade Allison. We had a hard time matching them up to the GPS units we had, so we all just kept our eyes peeled for interesting things. Bud Carlson had been into the area about 25 years ago and could remember some things, he also had a book with some info. We found a wall spring built by June Marsing, some cowboy signatures on rocks, along with indian petroglyphs. We had lunch in the shadow of a cliff, where we sang "Happy Birthday"(75) to Brent Keecher of Kaysville and enjoyed birthday cupcakes provided by his daughter. As we were loading back up, Paul and Pat Hill, who had gone on ahead, came back with a passenger. Lettie, from Tucson, Arizona, had put an inflatable kayak into the Dirty Devil River just south of Hanksville four days prior, intending to float to Hite. She had spent 4 days rowing, sometimes walking and pulling the kayak. She said it had ceased to be fun. So she disembarked, deflated the kayak, stuffed her gear into the walls of the canyon, and was going to walk back through Poison Spring Canyon to the highway and hitchhike back to Hanksville. We took her back out to the staging area, fed her lunch, then took her to her vehicle. We had been told that we would not be able cross the river because it would be too high. But as Lettie can testify, that was not the case. It was only about 8 inches deep. We crossed and drove on for several miles, just taking in the beautiful scenery. We returned to the river, collected Lettie's gear and headed back. Dennis Mangum spotted a canyon he felt might have some writings in, so we walked up into it. They were the best cowboy and indian writings of the day. Kerry Johnson, of Loa, showed us an old cattle loading chute in the mouth of a canyon, that canyon has a cave used by indians and cowboys. The ride was one of the best we've ever done, we had a great crowd, 31 people on 28 bikes. Guess that proves we don't always need a guide to have a good time!