June 2003

Special Thanks to All of You Who Are Responsible Riders.

    Easter weekend in the San Rafael Swell was a successful one as far as OHV riders were concerned. Most everyone stayed on the trails and very few tickets were issued for those breaking the law. It's too bad that any tickets had to be written but that is the only way we'll every control the few bad apples

Club Ride and Meeting for June
Saturday, June 14th, 2003
    Meet at Hogan's Pass on State Highway 72 to begin riding at 9:30 a.m. Glennys Sitterud,(call 435/286-2258), will be leading the troops and it will be a great ride for everyone (remember how much fun was had when she guided the Hole Trail ride.) Bring your own lunch or plan to eat in Torrey.
Goodwill Riders
    Do you like to volunteer? The Goodwill Riders are still looking for some enthusiastic people out there to come and join with them to help with a variety of different projects. Please call 435/384-2749 to find out more information.
Arapeen OHV Trail Maps
    In our last newsletter I mentioned that the new maps would be available on the 1st of May. Sorry! There was a delay in the printing but by the time you receive this newsletter, they should be out at the State Parks and the Forest Service Offices.
Arapeen ATV Jamboree
August 13-16,2003
    Jamboree preparations are in full swing! For full information and the registration go to the web site on arapeenatvjam.org and check things out. Click here for a calendar of events. We hope to have a great turnout and with it being advertised in two national magazines, Dirt Wheels and ATV Action, plus countless other places we have great exposure. The most important thing we're asking right now is for volunteers to guide the rides for this jamboree. Please call Mark at 381-2493 if you are interested. We hope that this is the first of many years for the jamboree.
    We give a big thanks to Ferron City tor their initial support and for all that have joined in since with their sponsorships.