It has been a busy Spring with the San Rafael Western Heritage Monument proposal, State Park closures, Arapeen Trail System, ATV Safety Education Classes and my wife, Terry being ill. There have been so many things going on with these and other related projects.
    June 29th is National Trails Day. As a work project for this event, please join us at Twelve Mile Campground (Mayfield Canyon) at 9.a.m. Bring your shovels and other tools. There is also some 3" by 12" by 6' long bridge decking to be hauled and placed. Those from the north and south reach this area east of Gunnison from U S Highway 89. Those of you on the east side of Manti Mountain will find it easier to go to Ferron Reservoir and over the top to Twelve Mile Campground.(See Map)
    July 13th will be a combination Club Meeting and ride. Meet at Millsite State Park west of Ferron, Utah. You will receive an introduction and a map to the new Arapeen Trail System and leave to ride on your own between 7 and 9 a.m. Meet back at the Park by 6 p.m. for supper. The cost is only $5.00 per family or a pot-luck dish to share. This trail system is new and the Club needs your input.
    I told the State Park Board that it would be a good ATV trail head and this was one of the reasons it was removed from the chopping block earlier this year when it had been placed on the list for closure. A trail head could make it a good source of income for the Park. The OHV community needs to support the Millsite State Park and prove that it can be a good starting point for some great rides. With the golf course nearby, the reservoir and the campsites it is a perfect spot.
    As Chairman of the OHV Advisory Cteuncil for the State of Utah. I want to report that the committee has received a number of motorized grant requests. There are some very good ones to benefit the OHV community.
    The Club has incurred extra expense dealing with the San Rafael Western Heritage Monument Proposal. We are asking for donations to help defray these expenses and others that may arise to see this initiative to place it on the ballot in this years general election through to completion.
    In closing, a word of caution to all of you riding in the San Rafael Swell (or elsewhere for that matter). There have been reports of a couple of incidents of sabotage to equipment and vehicles at the staging areas. Be sure and check your tires, your trailer hitches, balls and etc. to make sure all is secure when you load up. BE SAFE!
Mark H Williams