SouthEastern Utah OHV Club
June 2007 News
    Tbe club ride in June was on the 23rd off the point of Cedar Mountain and the railroad grade. There were 6 brave souls who attended despite the heat and gnats.
    We met at the staging area (cattle guard) and left around 9:30. Those who attended the ride were: Ferrel Atwood, Jerry and Beth Mecham and Inga Gilbert,Paul Conover and Annette Allen A special thank you goes to Ferrel for being our excellent guide and sharing his knowledge of the area with us The day was hot (Paul's thermometer indicated 105 at one stop) but there was enough of a breeze that it was a nice ride and the gnats weren't that bothersome. We ate lunch at an old claim site on the trail just off the top of Cedar Mountain. We followed the railroad grade back to our trucks and were impressed by the amount of work that went mto the construction on the grade only to be abandoned.
    The State Parks Milsite to Green River trail ride has been set back into September. This ride is nearly 100 miles long and the state Parks has asked lf the SEUOHV Club can help with some of the support work. They will need people to man water and gas stops along the way. They will need lots of help , so consider volunteering to help.

We wish our chairman of the board a hearty Get Well Soon

The best to you Richard!

July Meeting
    The July meeting for the membership will be held July 11 at 7 PM. at the old court house in Castle Dale in the commission chambers on the second floor.