Swell Cure For Cabin Fever Poker Ride

March 29,2003

January 30, 2003

    The year 2002 kept us all very busy. What with rides, trails maintenance, parties, legislations, meetings and lots of volunteer work we managed to come out with our heads above water once again. It is an ongoing struggle and a big THANKS goes out to all of you for all of your help in our battle for multiple use to preserve the recreational activities for our friends and families.
    The Christmas Party at the Emery Senior Citizens Center and the ride preceding it this year were great. Those that rode said the weather was a little chilly but the ride couldn't have been better - especially being able to explore some new trails. Afterwards, there was a gourmet banquet to go along with the grilled hamburgers provided by the Club. Thanks to all of you for donating side dishes.
    A personal thanks to all those who called or sent cards to wish me well with my health problems during the last 10 months. I am through with my treatments and am looking forward to a positive future. It won't be too long, I hope, before I'll be out there riding again.
    The Forest Service is asking for comment letters about the bridge project at Ferron Campground. We'll be discussing this at club the meeting next week.
    Watch the State Legislature happenings for bills that will affect our riding and contact your representatives with your opinions and information that may be of value to them.
    SEUOHV Club membership dues are now past due. It is still $20.00 per year for each family and please send it to:
    Mary Lue Bentley, PO Box 93, Ferron, Utah 84523

    See you at club meeting next Thursday. Bring anyone that is interested in coming to see what we're all about. We're always looking for more great members.

Upcoming Events:

SEUOHV Club Meeting- February 6, 2003-7:00 P.M., Work Force Services Bldg. Located on Highway 29 near Emery Animal Health- Use west side door

President's Day Club Ride- February 17, 2003- Beckwith Plateau- Meet at Woodside at 8:30 A.M. - ready to ride at 9 A.M.

ATV Safety Course March 7 at 7 p.m (written test) March 8 (riding instruction) Pre-Register (mandatory) at Emery County Rec Bldg in Castle Dale (near rodeo grounds)

Swell Cure For Cabin Fever Poker Ride - March 29,2003

Arapeen ATV Jamboree- August 13-16 Ferron, Utah