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    The year 2001 ended with a great party for the club families and friends. Board member Annette Allen was in charge of the festivities this year and reported that, once again, the annual Christmas party was a huge success. In her report: "I would like to thank all those who helped to make the annual Christmas party a success. The party was held on December 8th at the Castle Dale Recreation Center. There was an abundance of excellent food and a good time was had by the 80 people that attended."
    "We had an opportunity to wish Dick Manus farewell and success in hie future endeavors upon his retirement from the Bureau of Land Management. There were some very nice prizes given away including helmets, goggles, saddle bags, tie downs, Arapeen Trail Mugs and much more. A 'thank you' goes also to those vendors that contributed prizes to make our fund raiser drawing a great success."
    The past year has been a very busy one and the help and involvement from all of you was phenomenal! The first big event of the year for the Club was the 2nd Annual "Swell Cure for Cabin Fever" Poker Ride. There was a wonderful turn out. The Arapeen Trail System on the Manti-Lasal Mountain was another great accomplishment. This 370 miles of loop trail provides hours of interesting places to ride. We were sorry to lose Rob Perrin of the Forest Service to other employment as he and Bill Broadbear were the driving forces behind the system and we hated to see him go. There was National Public Lands Day, the SouthEastern Utah OHV Club travel plan for the Manti-Lasal put together by Wade Allinson (with hours of hard work), Club rides, work parties, trail counter data collected, the Hole Trail opened up for ATV use, (thanks to Don Keele and his crew with a trail cat provided by State Pate and Recreation). Even though this trail has a seasonal closure for deer winter range, it is a great ride the rest of the year.
    We were finally able to get some representation on the Public Lands Council Board for the OHV Community. Tom Roush and Joe Fielder were appointed and we are glad that they are there with our interests in mind. At this time there are four more vacancies on the Public Lands Council Board and all of you that are registered voters are encouraged to apply for a position. The deadline is January 15th so there isn't much time left to show your interest by participating. As the newspaper ad stated, "Citizen involvement is the basis of good county government."     Effective in January, the leadership of the club will be shared by the board elected by those of you that returned your ballots in November. Because of the growth of our membership and all of the other issues (political and otherwise) that have taken place since it's start, it has become necessary to have more assistance with the various responsibilities. The changes will not affect the mission of the club, in fact we will be able to accomplish more. We want to still be able to ride together, work together and be able to be a big influence on the rights of the OHV community.

    January 15th at 7:00 p.m. will be our first meeting of 2002. It will be held at the courthouse in Castle Dale. Please plan to attend as we need input from everyone. We will be discussing the matter of the BLM revising their management plans in the Price, Vernal and Richfield Offices and the public meetings to take input regarding the scoping phase of the planning process. Our new board has met to discuss some other plans for the year and will be presiding at this meeting.Here is a brief introduction of some of these board members:
    Glenys C. Sitterud of Emery. Utah: I grew up in Emery and have lived most of my life here. It's the best place in the world! I am married to Lannie Sitterud and we have three daughters, Megan Funk, Lindsay Wilson and Kristy Sitterud. We have six grandchildren. I work for the Emery County School District as a bus driver and also a teaching aide in the preschool. I enjoy being active in community affairs. Riding my ATV Is one of the highlights of my life. I love it!
    Alan J. Peterson of Price Utah: Hello SEUOHV! I am a lifelong resident of Price, Utah. I am 41 years old. married with one daughter, (Shauntel, age 8). I have been riding motorcycles since I was 10 years old and have owned over 40 bikes since. In addition to belonging to SEUOHV, I'm also a member of the Sage Riders, Carbon Emery Motorcycle Association, Wasatch Trials Association, Utah Trail Machine Association, Blue Ribbon Coalition, Utah Shared Access Alliance and the National Rifle Association. I have worked with the BLM, State of Utah and the Forest Service on many OHV projects and events during the past 20 years. Recently, I Joined forces with the Forest Service and Emery Water Conservancy District promoting a "watershed protection' program that we present to hunters education classes and junior high school science classes. My goal on the board is to ensure that the SEUOHV Club maintains a good relationship with all land managers and to show that OHV users are great people who are environmentally sensitive and good stewards of the land.
    Mark H Williams of Castle Dale. Utah: I have lived in Castle Dale all of my life except when I was away for school and work. My wife Terry and I have six children and 13 grandchildren. Because of my interest in public lands, I have been able to obtain and maintain a good working relationship with Bureau of Land Management, Parks and Recreation, and Forest Service. Over the past several years I have been working closely with them in conjunction with my position on the Utah State Parks OHV Advisory Council of which I am chairman. I am founder and past president of our SouthEastem Utah OHV Club. In June of 2001 I was appointed to work with 25 other individuals from around the State of Utah to be a member of Governor Leavitt's Trails Initiative Committee as the only representative of the OHV community. I am an ambitious and hard working person and I am continually trying to do all I can to keep the freedoms that we have on our public lands.
    Larry Brown of Orangeville Utah: Hello SEUOHV! My name is Larry Brown. I am 44 years old and a life long resident of Orangeville, Utah. I have been riding motorcycles over 30 years. I am married (wife, Sandra) and have three children and four grandchildren. I own two different road bikes but prefer 4 wheeled OHVs for my dirt riding. I was actually drawn to the SEUOHV Club as a result of unintended consequences. One day in the Coal Wash area myself and two riding companions was stopped by a government official (whom I have since learned is notoriously green), and for no reason at all was threatened by this person. I was told that we had better enjoy this area now because this person was going to single handedly see to it that it was shut down! I knew I had to try to do something so I joined the SEUOHV Club. Since that time I have seen so much action taken by this club. I saw Rock Canyon open up as a legitimate OHV trail after 800 hours plus of work by members. I see trails that I am convinced would have been lost remain open because of this club's action. I believe that this group, the SEUOHV Club, has done some very positive things that OHV enthusiasts will enjoy for years as a result of this. My goal is to keep with the traditions of this group and work to maintain good relations both with government agencies and the public.
    Annette Allen of Ferron. Utah: I am originally from Woods Cross, Utah but consider myself a native Emeryite since I have lived in Emery County for almost 30 years. I am married to Varian Allen and we live in Ferron. Varian is employed with the USDA Forest Service as the Construction and Maintenance Foreman on the Manti-Lasal National Forest. We have one child, a daughter, who lives with her husband and three children in Acworth, Georgia. I am employed by Emery County and work in the Motor Vehicle Office at the Courthouse in Castle Dale. I have worked for Emery County for 11 years. Some of my favorite things to do are crafts, sewing, ATVing and riding street bikes.
The following article is submitted by board member Alan Peterson:

  manage (man'ij) v. 1. To direct or control the use of. 2. A. To exert control over. To make submissive. 3. To succeed in accomplishing one's purpose: get along. 4.To direct or administer.
    As I look at the above definitions from Webster's, I can find a couple that fit Mr. Richard (Dick) Manus and his ability to "manage". After thirty-three (33) years with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), including five (5) here in our area, Dick has decided to end his career and begin his retirement. His career began in California then took him to Idaho, Washington, D.C., New Mexico and finally Utah.
    First and foremost, I hope that all of you will join me in thanking Dick for his honesty and integrity which he brought to the BLM and to wish him much success and happiness in his future...he's definitely earned it!
    I met Dick shortly after he became the Price Resource Area Manager. Our first meeting was an off-highway vehicle (OHV) ride that was organized by Ranier Huck of the Utah Trail Machine Association (UTMA). I'm quite sure that this was the first time that Dick had ever swung a leg over a 'four wheeler", but it turned out to be far from the last time that he would leave his office and get out on the ground to see what all of the fuss was about. Dick is a true manager who was not satisfied with making decisions while stuck inside an office looking at maps and listening to the opinions of others. He wanted to see, touch and experience the land that he had been hired to manage. Dick truly became a true citizen of the area and an important part of our communities. Whether at an Emery County Public Lands Council, County Commission or Kiwanis meeting, he was always actively involved in what was happening in the public lands arena. Perhaps his most respected attributes were his open mind and open door. Always willing to listen and learn from representatives from all sides of an issue, Dick asked for help from locals, outsiders, staff, officials of local governments and private citizens alike. His willingness to learn about our area and to take on so many controversial projects is proof of his abilities to be a successful manager.
    While we may concentrate mainly on the OHV regulations enacted by the BLM, Dick has had to concern himself with many more equally important activities that are taking place within the 2.5 million acres managed by the Price Field Office. For instance: The National Conservation Area, coal bed methane development, land swaps, wildlife, wild horses and burros. Desolation Canyon, Wilderness Study Areas (WSA), Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), Wild & Scenic River designation, Nine Mile Canyon, Cleveland/Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Cedar Mountain Recreation Area, Price Canyon Recreation Area, The Wedge and so many more.
    Did Mr. Manus give the OHV community everything that we had hoped for? Definitely not. Did Mr. Manus take from the OHV community everything that others had asked him to take? Definitely not. Did he listen to both sides of the issues then take time to see for himself as many of the areas, roads and trails that he had time to see? He most definitely did! What more could we have asked for from a "manager"? I am grateful that for the past five years we have had a man whose character is defined by his integrity and honesty and that he brought a sense of respect to the BLM.
    As they say "with closing of one door, another opens" I hope and pray that the BLM finds someone with character of a Dick Manus. Someone who can complete what he has started and who poseses the character of Dick Manus, and will complete what he has started and who wil represent the BLM in an equally high manner. I hpoe Dick will walk away with his head held high, proud of his accomplishments and at piece with any failures.... then "let 'em go"!

    Friends, Most of you know that the Price, Vernal and Richfield offices of the BLM are in the process of revising their mamagement plans. The Price office (home to several premier OHV destinations, including the Devils Racetrack, Eva Conover Road, Coal Wash, The Behind the Reef Road, The Dick Brass Motorcyde Trait System, Chimney Rock Trail System and others) has announced the schedule for public meetings to take input regarding the scoping phase of the planning process. Meetings have been scheduled for the following locations and times:
Salt Late City, Utah January 15,2002
This is the Place State Park 7-9 p.m.
2200 Sunnyside Avenue Salt Lake City
Moab,Utah January 16,2002
Ramada Inn Meeting Room 7-9 p.m.
182 South Main St. Moab
Grand Junction, Colorado January 17, 2002
Grand Vista Hotel 7-9 p.m.
2790 Cross roads Blvd., Grand Junction
Green River, Utah January 30,2002
Green River City Hall 7-9 p.m.
Green River
Castle Dale, Utah January 31,2002
San Rafael Museum 7-9 p.m.
64 North 100 East, Castle Dale
Price, Utah January 31,2002
Holiday Inn Conference Center 7-9 p.m.
838 Westwood Blvd., Price