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February 2007 News

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March 24, 2007

SEUOHV Club Reorginizes
    The SouthEastern Utah Off Highway Vehicle Club held a reorganization meeting on Jan. 17 in Ferron. The club was organized in 1998 with Mark H Williams as the president, and as its goal, to maintain trail riding opportunities for 4-wheeler and motorcycle enthusiasts. Their mission statement on the website states, “We are a non-profit organization located in Castle Dale, Utah. We represent the interests of OHV and motorcycle enthusiasts not only in our area but statewide and nationwide through our work in the San Rafael Swell and the Manti Mountains. This includes trail improvements and maintenance, safety and etiquette awareness, and political action.”
    The reorganization was done to revitalize the club and redirect certain responsibilities because in the past, two people have been running the club. Members felt this was necessary to redistribute the workload and bring more members into active roles in the club.
    At the club Christmas meeting in December 2006, the decision was made to convert to a board of directors type of leadership. Numerous members who were present volunteered to serve on this board to oversee the reorganization. During the reorganization meeting, Richard Beardall was approved as chairman of the board and Annette Allen was approved to be the secretary. Other members of the board are Lee Swasey, Paul Conover, Richard Stilson, Randall Stilson, Glenys Sitterud, Ralph Bluemel, Gerald Anderson, Clifford Snow, and Corey Bluemel. Mark H Williams will continue to serve on the board as head of the grants sub-committee, and chairman of the Arapeen Jamboree.
    While the main focus of the club will continue to be access of public lands and maintaining trails, the governing board intends to increase social activities of the club. It was decided that a club ride will be held each month, except during the extreme cold winter months. More activities will be sought in conjunction with clubs in other areas. Another activity will be trail and sign maintenance projects.
    The club intends to become more active and encourages all OHV enthusiasts to become involved. Come to one of the monthly meetings to see what is happening and how you can become active in keeping riding opportunities open for you and your family. The next monthly meeting will be held on March 7 in Castle Dale at 7 p.m.
    Lee Swasey and Glenys Sitterud are the ride committee chairmen. Contact them for information concerning monthly rides. To join the SEUOHV club, contact Annette Allen. Tom Brereton is the chairman for the Swell Ride for Cabin Fever poker ride which will be held March 24. Contact Brereton (435-381-2244) for more information.