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Feburury 2002

    The Club meeting this month will be held on Wednesday, Feburary 20 at the Emery County Courthouse in Castle Dale at 7:00 P.M. There are some important issues to discuss, two of which are the BLM Resource Management Plan and the proposal to designate the San Rafael Swell a national monument. As both of these will have a very definite effect on the future of our motorized recreation, we need to do all we can to make sure that our opinions are known.


    The BLM is in the process of changing their management plan in the Price area. The BLM makes management decisions according to Resource Management Plans (RMP). An RMP can be compared to a county master plan where management direction and objectives are defined for specific resources and areas. Most of you know that the Price office area is home to several premier OHV destinations, including Eagle Canyon, Devil's Racetrack, Eva Conover load. Coal Wash, Behind the Reef Road, Dick Brass Motorcycle Trail System, Chimney Rock Trail System and others.
    Last year, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) used new regulations issued in the last days of the Clinton/Gore administration to try and make the BLM close roads and even designate new Wilderness Study Areas in this area. Although unsuccessful then, they are now hopeful that this new planning process will provide them another opportunity.


    Currently, the BLM is in the beginning of the process. They call it the "scoping" phase. Scoping is part of the planning process where the bureau decides which management issues will be resolved and management objectives for the new plan. Scoping is the most important part of the entire planning process. Comment in the scoping phase is the most effective way to get the agency to consider the issues that are important to you, your organization and your community. Your input is most effective at this time.     Members of the SouthEastern Utah OHV Club are encouraged to write the BLM and help us keep those roads and trails open! Below are some comment suggestions. Don't worry about proper grammar or sounding like you're a land use expert. Just let them know what your issues and concerns are. We've given you a head start with some comment suggestions below:

Keep existing roads and trails open for vehicle use.

I support management plans that allow for club rides and other OHV events.


Keep group size limits the way they are.

Keep management plans flexible enough to allow for construction and maintenance of new and existing OHV routes.

Management plans should allow dispersed camping.

Address your letters to:

RMP Scoping Comments
Bureau of Land Management
125 S 600 W
Price, Utah 84501


    Winter is about over and it is time to start up the ATV Education Program. There will be three (3) different classes that can be signed up for at the Recreation Center in Castle Dale. Dates: March 9th, 16th (ladies only) & 23rd. There is a $10.00 fee for the class. The program teaches people from the age of eight and up to ride their ATVs safely and legally. To legally ride on public lands, kids 8 through 16 years of age are required to pass the course. The ladies only class is being presented for those of you gals that would like to be more confident in your riding ability.
    On each Friday evening there will be a written test. Call 381-2493 for more information.


A monument designation will stop all new exploration and extraction of natural resources.
It may trade out State School Trust Lands.
It will not guarantee grazing rights
It CANNOT guarantee that the monument boundaries won't be enlarged or the plan amended by the next administration.
It does not stop the designation of wild and scenic rivers.
It does not guarantee the input of local stakeholders.
It does not preclude Wilderness Study Areas. In fact it will provide them with more legitimacy as they are within the boundaries of a "Monument".
It CANNOT prevail Congress from designating wilderness within or outside the monument boundaries.
It does not settle the RS2477 Road issues.
It does not guarantee motorized access on the roads and trails that YOU want left open.
It creates another layer of bureaucracy.
Emery County will not create the Monument Management Plan because that will be the responsibility of the Bureau of Land Management.

Please call or write the following and voice your opinion:

President Bush 202/456-1414
Governor Mike Leavitt 801/538-1000 210 Capitol Bldg. Salt Lake City, Ut. 84114
Congressman Chris Cannon 801/379-2500 Suite 317 51 So University Ave Provo, Ut. 84606
Rep. Brad King 435/637-7955 638 No 500 E Price Ut. 84501
Rep. Brad Johnson 435/529-3227 30 No Main, Box 122 Aurora Ut. 84620
Senator Mike Dmitrich 435/637-0426 566 No Dover Circle Price Ut. 84501
Max Young 435/259-4542 2010 Navajo Hts. Moab Ut. 84532
Senator Orrin Hatch 801/524-4380 8402 Federal Bldg. Salt Lake City, Ut. 84138
Cong. Jim Hansen 801/393-8362 Federal Bldg. #1017 324-25th Street Ogden Ut 84401
Cong. Jim Matheson 801/524-4394 125 So State #2311 Salt Lake City, Ut.84138
Emery County Commissioners
Randy Johnson 435-381-5505
Ira Hatch 435/687-2229
Drew Sitterude 435/384-3287
Emery County Commission Office 435/381-2119
SEUOHVCLUB 435/381-2493