SouthEastern Utah OHV Club
December 2008 News
SEUOHV Club Christmas Party
    The Club Christmas Party will be held on December 12 at 6:0 P.M. at the Castle Dale Senior Center. Everyone should bring a pot luck dish, and a $10 wrapped gift for the gift exchange. There will also be a Chinese auction for helmets, gloves and many other prizes. If you have any questions, call Annette at 435-384-2690 or Corey at 435-749-6301. Dues will be due for the 2009 year. Please RSVP to Annette or Corey before December 5. Thanks and see you there.
    As far as the December ride, a decision will be made at the party, when the weather can be determined, whether a ride will be held on December 13.

Ferron to Emery Trail
    Work continues on the trail from Ferron to Emery. Clifford Snow and Dennis Mangum have found an old trail which goes between the two points and it is on Forest Service land. More research will be done for this route. Let one of them know if you have any information about this trail.

Club meeting
    The December club meeting will be held December 3 at 7:00 P.M. Be sure to attend for the latest information.

Other News
    At a recent meeting of the Arapeen Trail Council, it was discussed that no matter what the US Forest Service does, there are some people who are going to break down the barricades and ride into Olsen Canyon. A study group was organized to go there and walk the canyon to study the issue. This road, although having been in existence for many years, was inadvertently left off the travel map and is subsequently closed. The information from the study group was given to USFS Director Mesia Nyman. She will make a decision whether to leave it closed or open it for travel. Watch for the decision soon.
    The new US Forest Service map and the new Arapeen Trail map are both available now. Pick one up at a Forest Service office or contact Mark H. Williams or the travel council for your new maps. Stay current on open trails and follow the rules. Safeguard our riding rights and stay on the open trails!