SouthEastern Utah OHV Club
December 2007 News
Club Christmas Party
    The Christmas party and ride will be held December 8. If you want to ride to the Rochester Panel and Picture Flat, meet at the Emery Recreation Center, 100 North 100 West in Emery at noon. Following the ride, the party will begin at 4:30 P.M. at the rec center. The club will provide the meat and gravy. Everyone should bring a pot luck dish. Annual dues will be accepted at the party.
    A new activity at the party this year will be a gift exchange. Everyone should bring a wrapped gift with a value of not more than $10. (One per person, not per couple). Volunteers for the rolls and potatoes are in place, so everyone else should bring a dessert or salad. The club will provide plates and silverware. We will have the traditional drawings for prizes. Tickets will be available at the door.
Please RSVP to Annette or Glenys by December 5.
November Club Ride
By Glenys Sitterude
    We met just off I-70 at milepost 109. The day started out brisk, but soon warmed up. It was a beautiful day for riding. The road was DUSTY! We drove over to the Lone Tree Junction turning on to EM 927, then through Cat Canyon across the ridge (826) to trail 827 that goes out to the Dike. We stopped along the way to look at an old drilling site and take in the scenery. We could see the Mussentuchit sand dunes off in the distance. When we got to the Dike everyone was awestruck at the beautiful vista to the South. It's quite a view, you can see the Henry Mountains, Factory Butte, the Muddy River cutting through the reef south of the Hidden Splendor Mine, and Hondoo Arch if you really looked hard. It's hard to pick out, but if you study the landscape for a while and the sun is shining just right you might find it. We ate lunch and then back tracked a block and went over to Dewey's Arch. Then headed back, retracing our tire tracks, back to 826 and down to 927, then back to the trucks. We followed footprints and Llamas tracks most of the day. Ferrel Atwood said it was the group form Aspen Academy in Loa, the school for troubled kids. We had a wonderful day, there were 20 riders on 18 machines. I was glad I was the leader, I was the only clean person at the end of the day.
2008 Poker Ride
    The Swell Cure for Cabin Fever Poker Ride will be held in April in 2008. It is regularly held two weeks before Easter, but next year this holiday is in March. In the past, the weather has been too cold in March for the ride. The board has decided to move the ride to April 12 in hopes that the weather will be better. We still need some volunteers to help with the organization and setup, so if you would like to help, call Mark H. at 381-2493.
2008 Arapeen Jamboree
    One thing everyone should know is that Desertview Federal Credit Union has donated $1500 to the club towards a purchase of the ATV to be given away at the 2008 Jamboree. We did not have the machine to give away last year, and it was determined that everyone missed it. It added a lot of excitement to the Jamboree. We should all express our appreciation to Desertview.
    Mark H. Williams is working on new trails for the Jamboree next year. At least one new one has been identified. It will be near Temple Mountain and visit many of the area's historic mining sites.
2008 Boy Scout Tamarisk Project
    In June of 2008, at least 1000 Boy Scouts will come to Emery County to work on a tamarisk removal project in the Buckhorn and the Joe's Valley areas. The leaders of this project have expressed interest in having the members of the SEUOHVCLub assist them with the project. Volunteers are needed to shuttle the plant poisons to the crews. If you are interested, contact Mark H. at 381-2493.