SouthEastern Utah OHV Club
December 2005 News

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Great News
    The Bureau of Land Management and the Utah State Parks joined together to put out a map of the San Rafael Swell. Plans are to have it out before Easter. This is the result after many hours of work and input by Mark H Williams and other very interested parties.
    Volunteers will be needed to help with signage that will coordinate with the map. If you are interested, please call Mark H at 435-381-2493 so that we have your names and can call you as soon as we receive the word.
Great Volunteers
    A mighty big THANKS! goes out to Don and Bonnie Keele and Clayton Campbell for the improvements made with the Utah State Parks trail cat from Justensen Flats into Eagle Canyon and the South Fork of Coal Wash. Also work done Behind the Reef is fantastic. Go ride and check it out.

Great Party
    The annual SEUOHV Club Christmas party and Ride will be held on December 17th this year. Meet at Justensen Flat (Exit 116 of of 1-70) at 9:30 am. (weather permitting) to ride Eagle Canyon. Bring your lunch. After the ride, meet at the Emery Senior Citizen Center on the corner of 200 So and 200 E in Emery. Dinner will be around 4:30 and will be pot luck (as usual) with the ham furnished by the SEUOHV Club. Please RSVP at 435-384-2264 or 435-381-2493 as soon as possible so that plans can be made It would be very helpful if you would let us know what kind of dish you are bringing so that we can inform others that are trying to plan a good variety.
Great Cause
    Kane county is involved in a lawsuit against SUWA and Bureau of Land Management fighting for R52477 Right-of-Ways (the trails you ride). Think about making a small donation to help them out. We'll talk about it at the christmas part.
Great Year
    We've had a very interesting and busy time with all the things happening with land issues and the rides and different activities like city celebrations, parades, and poker rides throughout the year. Thanks for making things so interesting.
    The Araqeen ATV Jamboree was a real high-light of the year. It was very successful because of all the cooperation and volunteering of the club members and others and also Ferron City. Many hour of service were rendered and the only pay was a meal and a Thank You.
    A great time was had by all and being involved with Ferron Peach Days celebrations added another plus to the week of trail rides and visitors. The January 2006 Dirt Wheels Magazine has a full write up on the Jamboree and is in the stores as of now. We've already had calls on the 2006 Jamboree. We will have another great event. We'll be lining up volunteers so be sure and give us a call at 435-381-2493.
The Greatest
    This letter would not be complete without thanking Mary Lue Bentley for her tireless efforts to help make our club and Jamboree a success. She is one of a kind and we appreciate her immensely
    Thank you SEUOHV Club Members for a great year. Your dues have helped us go a long ways. We will be keeping the dues at $20.00 a year per family. Mary Lue will collect from anyone that wants to pay for 2006 at the Christmas party or you can mail them in as usual.
    Keep in mind that we will be having the Swell Cure for Cabin Fever or April Fools Poker Ride on April 1, 2006. We have had 6 very successful years on this and expect many more. We are so fortunate to have Tom Brereton to take it over again this year. He has done a fabulous job. Be sure and call him if you'd like to help out at checkpoints or some of the other jobs needed to make this a wonderful event. His telephone number is 435-381-2244.