April 2003

Special Recognition goes to Don and Bonnie Keele of Ferron.
    On March 27th, Don and Bonnie received an award during a Goodwill Rider meeting from the National Trails Symposiums as the State of Utah Trail Workers of the Year. Nominations were made from each state in the nation and sent to the National Trails organization for evaluation. The list of nominees was made up of federal, state and city employees and local volunteers. The Keeles were selected from a list of hundreds. This recognition is well deserved.
    Don and Bonnie were instrumental in the creation, development and maintenance of the Arapeen Trail System on the Manti-LaSal National Forest. They were there when the trail system was an idea and have followed it through by implementing it on the ground.
    The couple and other ATV riders have volunteered hundreds of hours installing and maintaining signs throughout the system. In addition, Don has volunteered his expertise on the Sweco trail cat, logging in over 300 hours toward maintenance of trails associated with the Arapeen Trail System. His combined experience as a heavy equipment operator and ATV enthusiast has proven invaluable.

Arapeen OHV Trail Maps:
    There will be some new Arapeen OHV Trail maps available by the 1st of May so be sure and pick one up from the Forest Service and enjoy the trails.
Arapeen ATV Jamboree
    Remember to set August 13-16 aside on your calendar to participate in the Arapeen ATV Jamboree. The ads will be in the July issues of Dirt Wheels and ATV Action. There will also be flyers out and other information.
Swell Cure For Cabin Fever:
    Saturday, March 29th and the "Swell Cure For Cabin Fever" Poker Ride was a huge success. Jane Rasmussen and her assistant, Betty Kunze did a great job! Thanks also to all of you club members and friends that took part in the marking and cleaning up of the trail, those at checkpoints and all of you that had anything to do to make this event happen. Thanks, Lee Swasey, for your announcing at the drawings and keeping that under control. There were around 300 people in attendance with 266 of those registering to ride. This was our 4th year for this event and, as with every year, there were a few problems. We hope that everyone understands that we try to do our best and apologize to those that may have felt any different.
Know Before You Go!
    Are you aware of anyone from the ages of 8 through 15 that need their Off-Highway Vehicle Education Course? To operate your OHV on public lands, you must have one of the following: 1) a valid motor vehicle driver's license or 2) a Division of Parks and Recreation OHV education certificate. Children under eight years of age may not operate an OHV on public lands or roads.
To sign up for a course call:
    They will be able to tell vou when the next course in your area will be.
A Word to the Wise:
    Remember to acknowledge and respect private property rights of all land owners. Trespassing laws apply to ALL private property. Please put yourself into the land owners' shoes and recognize that these people have the RIGHT to protect their property from trespass, vandalism and theft just as you do in your own back yard.
For Your Information:
    For those of you may have heard a rumor floating around, here are the facts straight from Utah ATV Trails News:
    "Try as we will to get our facts straight, the last edition of the Utah ATV Trails News contained a factual error. We stated in "Just for the Record" that the Southeastern Utah OHV Club was not going to appeal the BLM route designation plan. As it turns out, this is not correct. The BLM indicates that they did not ask fora stay, but they did appeal on the grounds that we (the BLM) were inconsistent with the RMP~the decisions are unsupported by the data, doesn't assess cumulative impacts, and the public has been denied meaningful public involvement. The appeal will go to the Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) and generally it takes IBLA a long time to make a decision."
Manti-LaSal National Forest Plan Revision:
    The Forest Service hopes to involve the public early in the revision-process to help identify natural resource interests, uses, concerns and issues. Written comments concerning the plan revision or requests to be added to the Forest Plan Revision mailing list should be sent to Annette Delos-Santos, Forest Planner, Manti- LaSal National Forest, 599 West Price River Drive, Price, Utah 84501.
    Scoping meeting addresses and times to involve the public will be announced through local newspapers and other forms of media. Call Ferron-Price District Ranger, Mesia Nyman at 435/384-3586 for additional information.
Good Will? You Bet!
    Thank you Maverik Country Stores, Inc. Once again this fine chain of convenience stores are providing certificates to be passed out to responsible OHV riders. If you are wearing your helmet, safely operating your OHV and respecting the environment when a representative of the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, State Park Service or the local SouthEastern Utah OHV Club comes along they will be happy to give you a slip for a free treat at one of our Maverik stores in the area.
Club Membership:
    Please call or write if there is an error on your newsletter mailing label. Every effort is made to make sure that these are correct. Write to Post Office Box 382 in Castle Dale, Utah 84513 or call 435/381-2493.
    To all of you who have paid your 2003 dues, "Thank You!". To those who haven't, we're still waiting for your $20.00. Mail your renewal to Mary Bentley at Post Office Box 93 in Ferron.Utah 84523.
SEUOHV Club Meeting
April 16,2003
7:00 p.m.
WorkForce Services Building
550 W Highway 29
Castle Dale, Utah
See you there!!!